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If you’re looking to tame the flow of transactions at your business, you’re already a step ahead of financial directors at many competing enterprises. No, make that two or three steps! Why? Because many financial directors have not yet realized the hidden opportunity costs associated with manual reconciliation. Or they tell us: “What can we do? We’ve always done it this way.” Others have allocated substantial resources to weekly bookkeeping, which deceptively shortens end-of-the-month reconciliation.

You will learn:   

  • How to dramatically improve the efficiency of your accounts department
  • Why the benefits of accounts reconciliation are missed by many financial directors
  • 6 hidden benefits to automating your accounts department
  • What leading experts in the field are saying – and how it could impact your job
  • How 3,000 companies are automating their financial reconciliation process

Read on for an introduction to the largest trends in automation and some well-proven ways to save considerable time and money.

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